As one of the world’s leading transportation shipping group, ARCADIA SHIPMANAGEMENT CO. LTD recognizes the environmental impact of sea transport of oil and is committed to the protection of the environment, the prevention of injury and illness, the health, security and safety of all employees and other interested parties, and the prevention of pollution whether locally or globally and therefore promote and supports policies that:

  • Establish a risk assessment system in order all employees to be assisted in hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
  • Undertake assessment and evaluation work, to confirm conformity of the HSQEMS to policies and requirements that are in force.
  • Prevent from injury and ill health, protect the health and safety of it’s employees on board vessels and ashore and other interested parties who may be exposed to any OH&S risk associated with its activities.
  • Conserve the environment and protect health and safety, by complying with the relevant national and international environmental legislation, as well as with all applicable laws and mandatory rules and regulations and taking due account of the applicable codes, guidelines and standards, recommended by IMO, ILO, Flag Administrations, Classification Societies and maritime industry organizations, and whenever possible, further reduce the burden on the environment by setting and achieving even tougher voluntary standards.


Company’s objectives and targets aim for the reduction of identified environmental impacts of its activities to air, sea and land, where possible, specifically from:

  • Oil, associated productsNoxious
  • Liquid Substances
  • Sewage
  • Dangerous Goods according to SOLAS Ch. VII, Part A
  • Garbage
  • Ballast water (including the transfer of micro-organisms)
  • Cargo Vapour and Engine Exhaust Emissions
  • CFCs
  • Noise
  • Anti-fouling Paints, etc.

Company also aims to conserve energy and materials, through recycling and waste reduction programs.



At all levels in the organization, the Management is responsible for ensuring that the policy is documented, understood, implemented and maintained and that is communicated to all persons working under the control of ARCADIA with the intent that they are made aware of their individual OH&S obligations. In addition any interested party (internal or external) concerned with or affected by the OH&S performance of the Company may receive this policy on request. Ultimate responsibility remains with Company’s top Management.

Commitment to continual improvement of HSQE performance at all times and circumstances, is achieved by setting and measuring various key performance indicators (KPI). The Company aims to eliminate possible dangers which may result in personal injury, professional illness, accidents, damage to property and damage to the workplace environment, in particular to the marine environment or combination of these.


All Company efforts aim at prevention of errors, hazardous situations and incidents. Should these occur, every employee is required to participate in determining and eliminating possible causes, in order to prevent reoccurrence in the future.

To achieve these goals a HSQE Management System has been developed and implemented. Based on complaints, non-conformities, incidents and internal audits the system is reviewed during Management Reviews to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness. Measurements take place by means of analysis of N/C reports, internal audits ashore and onboard, pre and post calculation of maintenance activities, verification of performance against standards, analysis of KPIs, etc.

The Company gives priority to HSQE Management and stresses that standards can only be met with the total commitment of every individual within the organization.


ARCADIA provides adequate recourses to effectively implement the HSQEMS.

Employees with the required skills and experience are being supported by appropriate training and development when necessary.

The Company recognizes the importance of incorporating HSQE issues into every day business decisions and activities, and of monitoring appropriate technology and management practices which when addressed, if reasonably practical, will enhance its HSQE performance.

ARCADIA recognizes the environmental considerations of all interested parties (public, clients or other party) and is committed to take action with regard to their experience and shall be sensitive and responsive to public concerns about the marine transportation and its side effects on the environment.



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