Entering the new era of digital (paperless) navigation

events 20130208 smallHaving, initiated its ECDIS program back in early 2006 when ECDIS regulation was only a long term plan, by fitting TRANSAS dual ECDIS on the entire fleet, ARCADIA has teamed up again with TRANSAS Hellas in order to conclude the program and shift its fleet to paperless navigation.

All dual ECDIS of the fleet will be fully upgraded to exceed the latest carriage requirements by deploying official charts ENC, TRANSAS precise navigation tools and chart handling system.
The first vessel of the fleet M/T AEGEAN DIGNITY is expected to be shifted to paperless navigation by the mid of this month while the entire program is scheduled to progress one vessel per month.
At the same time, ARCADIA Maritime Training Center will be upgraded as well to comply with the latest STCW standards in line with Manila amendments.
ARCADIA Maritime Training Center, DNV certified, is equipped with TRANSAS Bridge, Engine room, GMDSS and Liquid cargo handling simulators, providing ARCADIA's crews with advanced training and familiarization upon the demanding professional requirements, such as the application of ECDIS Specific Training for Bridge Officers, conducted by TRANSAS Certified Instructor.
"ECDIS is a cost effective risk control option for vessels, with a significant potential to save lives, by reducing the frequency of collision and grounding" comments Arcadia's Managing director Mr. Mattheou Dimitrios.
"The competency in the use of ECDIS is essential for maritime safety. Arcadia shall ensure that any future ECDIS training to our crew, shall meet the criteria of the updated model course (1.27 2012 edition)."


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